Repair and Service:
We are a Full service repair company. We will repair all your microscopes and help the users get the most out of their optical instrument.

Clear River Optics can help with your bulb replacement needs.

In Lab repair:
As a full service microscope company, Clear River Optics will gladly visit your location for service. In doing so, specific needs of our customers can be met, as we will see first hand the stresses and atmosphere your microscopes are exposed too. This will allow Clear River Optics to keep your scopes clean and accurate as it applies to your microscopes needs.

Ship It:
We will gladly accept shipped goods to our facility. In some cases this works well because the instrument is out of your way. We have access to all shipping carriers and can discuss the safest option.

Emergency calls:
Emergency calls are welcome; we will do our best to help you out in a timely manner to get your equipment back online!

Microscopy Training Course:
Let Clear River Optics provide all your microscope training. Many scientists or technicians simply are not trained well on the use of the instruments in front of them. Good portions of facilities have never been properly trained on microscopes and/or simply do not have time to train new hires on their scopes. Clear River Optics will come in house and provide a training seminar on how to use your specific microscope and some basic maintenance skills to help the user have a great experience with his or her instrument.

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